Commercial Interior Resources Theater (Customer requested name to stay undisclosed)

Greatest Space Challenges

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Commercial Interior Resources

Design by Undisclosed

Orange County, CA


We were faced with a variety 400+ differing sized steps to come up with a solution for regarding custom-cut nosing and reducers running into the concrete aisle-ways. We ended up custom-cutting nosings to wrap around corners as required, and also custom-cut rubber reducer pieces to waterfall over the top of the nosings + down the sides of the stairs for a smooth transition from carpet stairs to concrete at aisle-ways.

(Please reference attached "before" / "during" / "after" photos for examples of existing conditions and how we were able to come up with the solution to improve the situation with our custom-cut waterfall reducer technique)

Working with, in and around other lighting, electrical, seating and sound check teams and their equipment/cranes/scissor lifts throughout the entire process (400+ stairs and 1,600 sy of carpet throughout the theater). The tight construction schedule required all trades to be in there working at the same time, encouraging close-proximity teamwork to get the job done.

The construction schedule and product lead times required that we worked overnight through early morning, double shifts in order to have flooring installation complete prior to the grand opening premiere date of the theater's new production.

(Full details of environment were asked to stay undisclosed) The Durkan product was custom made to relate back to the overall theme of the performance going on inside of the theater.

Working around other trades to demo + install double under-cut rubber stair nosings with carpet on 400+ stairs. Stair widths and shapes varied, with nosings having to be custom cut per each stair before being epoxied into place. We also had to custom-cut and waterfall rubber reducers down the side rise/run of each stair (see photos for process).

The work site had little to no lighting, and our team had to work with spotlights and headlamps in between sounds checks and dress rehearsals throughout the entire installation process.


Durkan carpet
Tandus carpet
Johnsonite Rubber Tile & Stair Nosings