University of Nebraska Lincoln - Athletics Therapy Pool

Greatest Space Challenges

Photos by: Mekayla Isaacson - Element Ninety Three

Floors Inc.

Design by Floors Inc. & UNL

Lincoln, Nebraska
June 2017


It took extensive research to find the right color and quality of submersible glass mosaics and the best epoxy mortar & grout that would withstand the conditions and chemicals on this project. The customer relied heavily on Floors Inc to choose all materials and finishes.
Upon completion - the customer was thrilled with the finished project and our team was proud to have completed it!

With athletes continuing to use all other services of this therapy area, our install team was literally caged inside the plastic tent for 2 straight months, but having to access it via the rest of the facility.

Using half a million red and white glass mosaics from Daltile, many meters of Schluter and everything Ardex Americas had to offer we created a NEBRASKA branded pool that is both functional and very visible to fans young and old - Husker or not - who tour Memorial Stadium.

Being in an enclosed environment - inside the athletics training and therapy facilities at UNL's Memorial Stadium - the conditions inside were HOT and HUMID with temperatures consistently in the 90 degree range with high humidity. Once the pool was drained, dust containment was critical, as the athletes were continuing to use all the rest of the training and therapy areas while work was being completed on the pool. Plastic tents and negative air flow were set up and portable air conditioners were brought in. Strict job site rules were enforced including "no photos" . (Hey - what installer doesn't want a selfie with his favorite Husker football or volleyball player in the adjacent hot tub?)
Inside the pool itself, all old epoxy paints were ground off the concrete substrate. OSHA compliant. All coved/radius inside and outside corners were ground and re-formed to 90 degree angles. Materials had to be delivered in stages, as there was no room to store it all at once. Waterproofing was critical for obvious reasons - including a leak coming INTO the pool from underground water!


Ardex Americas
Wagner Meters