A.I. Root Candle - Retail Store

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Photos by: D&R Commercial Flooring

D&R Commercial Flooring

Design by D&R Commercial Flooring - In house design

Medina, OH


A.I. Root was founded 1869 when it’s founder created a better bee hive that allowed the honey combo and honey to be extracted without harming the bees. Over the last 150 years A.I. Root developed their product offering from bee keeping equipment and honey production to high quality bee’s wax candles. When visiting A.I. Roots retail store their brand, logo and company history is depicted throughout the store and in their product by embedding the ubiquitous honey comb hexagon shape.

When it came time to refresh the retail store’s worn and outdated traditional broadloom carpet and basic 12”x12” faux slate ceramic tile flooring A.I. Root turned to D&R Flooring for it’s in house design services and quality installation. As D&R’s design team learned about A.I. Root’s history and flooring needs throughout their store and around their hexagon shaped cash counter the scope was defined to find a way to incorporate the company’s branding into their new flooring. To accomplish this objective D&R turned to Tarkett’s Centiva LVT brand and it’s semi-custom hexagon shape tile to develop a honey combo layout around the hexagon shaped cash counter. Utilizing one of Centiva’s softer stone patterns in a three-color combo of warm browns and yellows it allowed to for the texture and color mix that can be seen when viewing a honey comb as it’s wax caps are cut open and the honey extracted into the flooring. With the product selected the three colors where then layout entirely around the centrally located cash counter extending out into a Tarkett Tandus modular tile. With A.I. Roots new flooring installed it’s customer now closes out their retail purchasing experience standing firmly on a honey comb floor depicting the company’s first product and exiting with the high quality bee’s wax candle A.I. Root is known for today.


Tarkett Centiva
Tarkett Tandus