AC Downtown by Marriott

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Ron Clancy

Garmon & Company

Design by ODA Charlotte, Stonehill Taylor, ASD l SKY, Harrison Design

Greenville, SC


AC Downtown is located on Main Street in the heart of downtown. It has a unique design that brings in a European style with an emphasis on comfort and authenticity. This exceptional hotel also draws inspiration from the local people, arts and culture. Our largest hotel project installation to date, this 8-story project includes 70,000 square feet of floor and wall tile, much of which was imported and 197 guestrooms with 68,000 square feet of floating LVT planks. Topping off the hotel is a spectacular roof top bar offering stunning views of downtown Greenville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Covid-10 pandemic was just taking hold while we were still working through final design elements late 1st quarter 2020 which brought challenges along with it. The pandemic impacted the construction start dates for Garmon & Company, however the expected completion dates remained in place. The result of the aggressive timeline and challenging center city location created a job site condition where trades were on top of each other, more so than usual. We were constantly having to adjust to changes on the fly to work around each other’s schedule to keep moving forward. One example of this was the main kitchen. Due to equipment delivery scheduling, we were required to move forward with quarry tile and quarry tile base with drywall yet to be installed. Working with the drywall trade partner, a compromise was reached to install a 1 foot high band of drywall around the room so the tile installation could move forward. Equipment was brought in and placed in the center of the room while drywall and paint were finished. We are proud of how our team managed this great project with all the site challenges and the quality our installation teams were able to put forward amongst it all.