Alternate Care Facility

Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

Photos by: Mike Dares

Pavilion Floors

Design by New England Medical Design

Cranston, RI


We were engaged on a Friday by one of our close General Contractors on a Temporary Rapid Response "hospital" to accommodate COVID-19 patients. The challenge was we had to commit to receiving 100,000 sq. feet of sheet vinyl for the following week. We worked through the weekend to price the job, find this material and line up deliveries (this was only possible because both Tarkett and the distributor were working from home due to the virus). Monday at 7am we were officially released, we had 40,000 feet delivered to our warehouse on Tuesday April 7th, the other 60,000 feet came in on Thursday. The 11,000 feet of Roppe base and the 200 yards of Altro safety flooring came in on Friday. Our first day of installation started on April 7th, we ran two, 12 hour shifts, a 24 hour operation 7 days a week and installed the last piece of base on Thursday April 16th. We priced, procured and installed 100,000 sq. feet of Tarkett Sheet Vinyl, 200 yards of Altro safety Flooring and 11,000 lin feet of Roppe Base in two weeks.