Aon Center 70th Flr Fitness Room

Best Flooring Solution

Photos by: Nathan Kirkman

Flooring Resources Corporation

Design by Gary Lee Partners

Chicago, IL


The fitness room in this project presented us with quite a challenge due to underlayment that was installed poorly by others and drastically different heights in two adjoining floor finishes. Once the rubber flooring was down and equipment was brought in, gaps started to appear in the floor due to the poor underlayment install. As a result, we had restart by taking up tiles and prepping to reinstall. Our prep alone for the rubber flooring was 60 hours. At the transition for rubber tile to LVT the plans called for a reducer, but given the extreme height difference, we discarded that and brought up the LVT. This made for an additional 30 hours for LVT prep and underlayment. Since the height difference was so drastic, 50 sheets of underlayment were used to match the height of the LVT to the rubber flooring for a flush install. Material o 282SF of Armstrong Static Dissipative Tile o 3,880SF of Ecore Ecorx o 3,430SF of Ecore Ecosmash o 900SF of Ecore Attain Vinyl Planks o 84SF of Armstrong Imperial Texture o 52SY of Altro Desiginer 25 Safety Flooring o We also installed Milliken carpet tiles, Interface Carpet tiles, Stark carpet