Arlo Buffalo Heights

Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule, Most Maximized Budget

Photos by: Forrest Pace

Texan Floor Service

Design by Iconstrux Design + Build

225 S Heights Blvd, Houston TX 77007


Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

Arlo Buffalo Heights was completed by Texan Floor Service & Iconstrux design. This project was as fast paced as they come. Texan Floor Service went above and beyond to meet the strict deadline provided by the client. One of the ways Texan was successful in doing so was the partnerships. For example Texan used Ardex x3 thin set for all the ceramic tile. The partnerships that were put in place on this project was instrumental to the quick completion of Arlo Buffalo. Texan successfully completed the deadline along with maximizing budgets. With negotiations of upfront pricing with Ardex and Mapei we were able to save the client money. Texan Floor Service always put the clients first, and the results are in the finished project.

Most Maximized Budget