Blue Canyon

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Daniel Schrickel & Erik Janson

D&R Commercial Flooring

Design by Monarch Interiors

Twinsburg, OH


The Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern project is a multi-phase project that’s, so far, been completed all while keeping the restaurant open for normal business. This project was done in partnership with Jennifer Seaman of Monarch Interiors in Chardon, OH. The project started with an English Garden feel in The Terrace using Floor Prep by Schonox and Carpet tile from Interface. The 2nd phase was the Great Room, using Floor Prep by Schonox and Shaw Contract Truism Ecoworx Tile 5T428, Color: Kith 27150, in an 18" x 36" Plank installed as a Basketweave Pattern. This specific pattern and colorway brought together multiple colors and blended hospitality and highly textural feel to the space. The goal was to create a whimsical, but elevated dining feel and the carpet helps to ground everything going on in this room. 3rd Phase was The Kitchen where we used a variety of Schonox products (Schonox US/levelers & primers) that were required to get a level surface for a Hexagonal LVT install that required a substantially flat floor. The prep for this space was critical to make sure there was no lippage with the finished flooring. We used a mix of 4 different patterns/colorways of Hexagonal Vinyl Tile from Mannington that creates a kind of ombre affect tying The Kitchen to adjacent rooms. This space has a bit of a retro feel while staying fun and balancing the rustic background of the restaurant. Future phased installs for The Lodge & The Porch are to be completed in 2024.


Shaw Contract