Carpenter Elementary School

Best Flooring Solution, Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

Photos by: Lyon Photography

Intex Flooring LLC

Design by Cre8 Architects

Deer Park, Texas


Best Flooring Solution

Carpenter Elementary was designed around the demanding needs of younger school children with brilliant color ways. Each color is actually a pathway to the next adventure for that particular grade. By following your grades color on the floor, it allows the students to locate their next destination easily and at the same time engaging their imagination with a vibrant colorful display. Our estimation & project management teams were able to make sure the designer’s intent was actualized by recommending cost saving items in areas to keep the project under the proposed budget.

Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

This project, like many, fell behind in schedule and as usual this was left up to the finishing crews to make up the difference in time. We were asked to figure out how to shave off as much time as possible to help bring this project to substantial completion. With the technical assistance of Forbo and our installation crews we utilized the EZ on 100 adhesives to install in less than ideal circumstances. This allowed us to begin installation weeks ahead of schedule. Our installation teams were able to make many of the detailed cuts off site at our warehouse in order to have the pattern installed as quickly as possible. These two factors and our teams project management allowed our scope of work to finish over 45 days ahead of the anticipated schedule.