Cascade Trails Independent Living

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Niki Schaller Photography

River City Flooring

Design by RD Interior Design

Cascade, Mi


This project utilizes the natural design elements in various carpets to bring the outdoors into the space. The materials are reminiscent of flowing rivers, burning embers, and pebbles on a river bed. Corridor carpeting guides the residents to their home base. The lounge flooring creates a cozy atmosphere for games and chats by the fire. The dining space offers a calming serenity. Natural light is abundant throughout. Large windows allow the beauty of nature to surround the facility. All this is true, though the building is set in a populous area near Grand Rapids, MI. Walking into this space does feel like a welcome home, which is exactly what seniors should feel as they enter. To us, this project suits the category of "most creative flooring design" in perhaps, a non traditional way. This space evokes feelings of warmth, home, and peace. The ability to see that vision and bring such a space to life is extremely creative.


River City Flooring