Circle K

Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule, Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: April Whitener - Office Environments

Office Environments

Design by Champlin Architecture

Charlotte, NC


Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

Circle K bumped up their installation date by 3 weeks after orders were placed. Bentley was exceptional in helping us achieve our new date and expedited our order for us to receive it with plenty of time for the installation. We were extremely satisfied with their service and because of it we could be done in time for furniture to come in right behind us.

Toughest Site Conditions

Circle K’s new location was originally a combination of three different suites. The floors had a lot of height/level challenges, including at some points a ¼” difference in thickness of adhesives from the different generations converging. We used a diamond grit buffing pad to grind down much of the area to make the entire floor as level as possible for a smooth installation. The result made it appear as if the space had been just one suite from the beginning!