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Photos by: Skyline Construction

Golden State Contract Flooring

Design by Nicole Gordon Studio

San Francisco, CA


With this project we adopted an old brick building with uneven wood subfloors that was built circa 1950. In order to prepare our floors to install a floating engineered plank throughout, we needed to propose a self-leveling product. While this is not an easy task with an old creaky wood subfloor, we decided to specify ARDEX K 22 F™ High Flow, Fiber Reinforced, Self-Leveling Underlayment which is a blend of high-strength gypsum, Portland cements and powdered polymers used to repair existing above-grade floors. In addition, where a brick wall was removed we needed a solution to patch the deep trench at the expansion. We selected tried and true ARDEX SD-P® Patching Compound to handle this job. This brick building was quite unique and while we had multiple issues to address, Ardex had the right solutions for us and the finishes installed turned out beautiful!


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Ardex Americas