Colorado Department of Transportation HQ

Most Maximized Budget, Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Floorz


Design by Stantec

Denver Colorado
August 2018


Most Maximized Budget

Mohawk - Flex-Lok Tabs option provided savings - a goal to the project to be thoughtful of public investment.

Toughest Site Conditions

CDOT - Colorado Department of Transportation HQ - is always working to enhance Colorado’s quality of life through transportation. 175,000 SF New Construction Design Goal - deliver a timeless civic project and provide opportunity for internal workplace organization and cultural evolution. Create "neighborhoods" each floor provides distinct opportunity for identity. Floorz was able to offer insightful and practical solutions with our manufacturer partners. Counter heights were not installed for ADA compliance. In an effort to provide a thoughtful solution - we were able to provide floor prep solution that offered an installation of flooring to provide dimensions to code. We've created authentic partnerships and our customers value us on their teams.


Johnsonite / Tarkett
Dal Tile