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Most Maximized Budget

Photos by: Skender Construction / Perkins + Will

Flooring Resources Corporation

Design by PERKINS + WILL

Chicago, IL


This project presented us a challenge, and a way to turn a mistake into a new strategy to be used on future projects. Somewhere along the way, a major detail that the Armstrong BBT was to be installed over a raised access floor, was lost in communication. And our budget was tight as it is, there was no room to go back and add plywood to go over the access floor. We had an idea and this is and the first project we ended up using a sand broadcast over a raised floor to prep the surface. It ended up working remarkably well, saved our budget and gave us a cost saving avenue to use in the future!

We installed:

9,630 SF of Armstrong BBT Migrations
16,000 LF of Johnsonite Rubber Base
100,000 SF of MAPEI floor prep
11,600 SY of Interface Carpet
We also installed DalTile and Stone Source