Confidential Healthcare Client

Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule, Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Katie Willi

CI Flooring, LLC.

Design by ESa Architects

St. Louis, Missouri


Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

Being a healthcare project, this was a fast-paste process and the tight schedule was always a prominent subject. The overall square footage of 80,000 SF+ and multiple levels felt intimidating. However, our installers were going above and beyond throughout this job to keep up with what was expected of our team to accomplish the timeline goals. We were used to not stopping till the job is done, and done well. It became such a rewarding feeling once we saw the end result.

Toughest Site Conditions

Although this was a new build, this project was packed with every trade throughout the process. We were battling winter conditions in the beginning, which made deliveries and acclimation more challenging. Then as time progressed, trade on top of trade trying to keep up with all of their project requirements made this one especially difficult.


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