Constellation - Kennett Square

Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

Photos by: Alex Winterburn

Franklin Flooring, Inc.

Design by Shive Hattery Architecture and Engineering

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania


Project: Constellation-Kennett Square Address: Kennett Square, PA Scope: •Furniture handling in three story occupied class-A office building •Recycle 9,975 sy of carpet •Demo and dispose of 5,400 sf of resilient flooring •Prep 95,175 sf of concrete to receive new carpet tile and LVT using ARDEX Feather Finish XF •Supply and Install 9,980.98 of five different colors of 13x36 Mohawk Group carpet tiles in specified pattern under systems furniture, standard office furniture, and conference room tables •Mohawk Group received the order for carpet in 11/17/2022. They had our local rep involved, the Chicago rep, their production team, the Chicago RVP and promised the client a production date and ship date that would allow us to receive the carpet by 12/12. They all worked very hard to push this order through to make that date and keep our team and the client informed. •Coordinate and off-load all jobsite deliveries w/ fork lifted. Organize and manage all materials for 5 crews working on three floors in 5 different wings. (two 53’ tractor trailers, 2 box trucks, and 4 box truck pick-ups to haul away recycling). •Installation completed between 12/12/2022 and 12/31/2022 (All Sundays. Christmas Eve, Christmas off). •After the project was completed our client admitted that they were not sure we could complete the project in the timeframe they gave us. We admitted that we weren’t sure either but that we were up for the challenge. They were very impressed and we were happy we were able to do that for them. •Franklin Project Managers, David Lucas and Alex Winterburn were on-site daily to coordinate deliveries, off load trucks, cover pallets of recycling with tarps, monitor and manage progress, email updates to clients, manage badges and access, make sure crews had what they needed each day, and to solve problems. We would not have made it without their quick thinking, hardwork, and leadership. •On the first day on installation we had 27 installers onsite to kick-off the project. Through-out the project we averaged 18-19 installers onsite. Brief Summary: We were invited to a bid walk-thru on 10/12/2022. The project involved the replacement of existing carpet, LVT, and wall base on three floors of an occupied class-A office building for a leading energy producer in the country. The project would involve extensive lifting of systems furniture in open office areas as well as standard office furniture in private offices and expensive conference room tables in conference rooms. The client requested a year-end completion. Starting this process in October was already getting things started a little later than we would have liked to. We explained this to the client. They initially said as long as we got the project underway we and billed complete by year-end then we would have some flexibility with the completion date. The project was going to involve fairly intricate pattern of 5 colors of a 12x36 Mohawk carpet tile. However, bidding was based on a schematic design and the carpet tile pattern and color selections had not been finalized. The other bidders were not, who were union shops, said it was too much furniture handling to tackle. Franklin Flooring had done a similar project with Tarkett in 2019 (15,000 sy of carpet tile and lift the week after Thanksgiving and completing by the new year), however this was going to be a little tighter schedule. Design was not finalized and colors were not selected until 11/10/2022 and a written contract sent to us until 12/2/2022. We ordered the carpet from Mohawk on 11/17/2022. Thankfully were able to get the proper sign-offs to start the demo on 12/5 prior to receiving the carpet on and then started the installation on 12/12/2022 when the carpet arrived. We had one crew on each floor working in each wing to complete in that time frame. We had to complete all badging and clearances and assemble all the teams in a compressed timeframe. Mohawk did an incredible job pulling together their teams to pull off incredible production and shipment commitments to this customer. We met two tractor trailer loads of Mohawk carpet tile on 12/12 bright and early in the morning and off loaded and allocated the materials per crew and per floor to follow the pattern precisely. Mohawk had our local rep, the Chicago rep, their production team, and the Chicago RVP all working on this order for several weeks to make sure it met the production and shipment date they promised. Our team recycled all of the carpets we took up; palletizing and shrink-wrapping 9,975 sy of carpet. Being nuclear engineers, our client requested some “fun facts” about our project. One of our project managers, David Lucas crunched the following numbers and found out that we installed 29,931 carpet tiles and laid 10,947 linear feet of wall base. For comparison, 29,931 carpet tiles laid out in a field would equate to over two acres of land coverage and 10,947 linear feet of wall base would stretch over two miles. And that If you run a straight line of all the 3' carpet tiles vertically, you would reach the highest attainable altitude in Earth's atmosphere - just before space. That's the equivalent of 3x the height of Mount Everest! This project would not have been possible without the experience, knowledge, and craftsmanship of our incredible installers. Special thanks to Gary, Larry, Miguel, Mike, Huseyin and all of their crews for the incredible work they do. And special thanks to Franklin Flooring project managers David Lucas and Alex Winterburn who were onsite each day from December 12th until completion to coordinate deliveries, offload trucks, cover pallets of recycling with tarps in the wind, snow, and rain, monitor and manage progress, email updates to clients, manage badges and access, make sure crews had what they needed each day, and to solve problems. We would not have made it without their quick thinking, hard work, and leadership.


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