Best Flooring Solution

Photos by: Tim Buchman and Billy Jarrell

Garmon & Company

Design by LS3P

Charlotte, NC


This project was a renovation and expansion of the oldest YMCA location in Charlotte. The scope and specified design was for a polished concrete topping used over a very bad sub floor with many years of previous expansions and existing surfaces. Working with the Schonox team, it was determined that we could not use a polishable topping due to existing conditions not allowing for the epoxy base to be applied. The decision was made to use Schonox US and level the surface to then apply a tinted stain and glossy seal. This achieved the look that the design team wanted in these open areas and blended the finishes well with the new concrete in the expansion area. This was the best flooring solution in a tough subfloor that presented at least five different old surfaces and many elevations. The remaining scope of work used athletic flooring, Interface plank carpet tiles, Dal-Tile, Tandus carpet tiles, Johnsonite base and accessories.


Tandus / Tarkett
Johnsonite / Tarkett