Downtown Community Center

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Signature Flooring, Inc.

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Anaheim, CA


Downtown Community Center Anaheim, CA Architect – None GC - None Project Size: 12,600 SF Details: Government / Municipal Completed: 2022 Category: Most Aggressive Timeline Working with a good municipal client, Signature was contacted to develop a plan, schedule and budget to replace an aging and weathered Community Center, but still keep the aesthetics of the existing colorways and furniture in mind. The client expressed their desire to avoid the carpet tile replacement with a style that would clash with its existing stone and other architectural design and colorways. Oh and one other aspect, strict timelines. The project needed to be installed in 1 week time-frame and Signature was given roughly 1 month advance notice in terms of when the replacement had to occur. The city's downtown center was typically a hub of activity and necessary to remain open 51 weeks out of the year. With this knowledge and also keenly aware of the procurement challenges the industry posed in late February / early March regarding lengthy lead times, Signature worked with Milliken to first get what options they had to resemble the client's existing color palatte and secondly what was already in stock given the tight deadline. Milliken's local rep, as well as the regional VP, made a special visit to the facility to meet with the client and Signature's rep to showcase different instock options that could work. Within 4 days, a decision was reached along with contractual signoffs to get the material ordered. From there, Signature replaced over 1,300 yards of carpet tile with it's own design and color scheme. This featured lift style installation and heavy furniture moving for the client. Finishing off the install, Signature chose Tarkett Rubber Base in two colors to coordinate with the new carpet. Manufacturers Used Milliken Nordic Stories Carpet Tile in 3 colors Tarkett Rubber Base - 2 colors Ardex Moisture Resistant Skimcoat Patch