East House Canal Commons

Most Maximized Budget

Photos by: Josh Reinhard

GP Flooring Solutions

Design by Plan Architectural Studio

Rochester, NY


We proudly present our nomination for the most maximized budget to comply with historical preservation guidelines during the conversion of a 130-year-old historical manufacturing building to apartments. We employed Kahrs engineered hardwood and sheet vinyl over gypcrete. Our meticulous planning and strategic budget allocation ensured adherence to stringent preservation standards while optimizing the project budget. Through innovative sourcing and efficient project management, we achieved remarkable cost efficiency without compromising historical integrity or quality craftsmanship. Our commitment to prudent financial stewardship, coupled with a deep appreciation for historical preservation, sets a new standard for budget maximization in historical conversions. We gratefully accept consideration for this esteemed award, recognizing our dedication to excellence in heritage restoration within budgetary constraints.


Kahrs Hardwood