Edwards Lifesciences THV R&D Labs

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: CIR's Thomas Moreno


Design by Ewing Cole

Irvine, CA


Admiring a finished project is a great feeling, but it’s worth noting the challenges that pop up along the way. You can read all about those below. 1. The existing quarry tile was barely budging after demo attempts, so we opted to install the Armstrong VCT over it...which also meant we had to patch the portion of the quarry that actually had been successfully demo’d to ensure a smooth surface for the VCT. 2. Extensive floor prep was required to fill the holes and trenches in the concrete, which we used Schonox SEZ Plus for. 3. The concrete was then profiled to allow for the application of Schonox vapor barrier to prevent moisture from penetrating the VCT causing it to bubble or lift. 4. Finally, the subfloor was ready for us to properly install the Armstrong Excelon Premium Crown Texture 12x12 VCT.