Elan Memorial West

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: G Lyon Photography

Intex Flooring

Design by Page Southerland Page

Houston, TX


Elan Memorial West is located near Washington Avenue and memorial park, one of the largest and busiest employment centers in Texas. This luxurious and massive multi-family project boasted spacious floor plans and state-of-the-art amenities. The Memorial West, now called the Elan Memorial West, is an 11-story building that incorporates 154,405 sq. ft. of tile, 300,120 sq. ft. of engineered wood, and 6,046 sq. yds. of carpet throughout 315 different units. The limited space and vigorous schedule presented many challenges that ultimately tested the determination and fortitude of our team. The tight construction boundaries forced our team to drop off tools in the garage and then find parking spots that were usually blocks away. In addition to limited space, there was not a designated area to load or off-load our material. In order to get material inside the construction area, our workers took a certified flaggers course so we could off-load delivery trucks from the main road. Once the material was offloaded, we would schedule the shared buck-hoist, weeks in advance, to transport the material to the correct floor. The site conditions were definitely challenging, more so than usual, but we faced even bigger challenges when our product selections were changed mid-way through the project. In order to accommodate the general contractor, owner, and architect we removed and replaced over 20,000 sf of wall tile. As you can suspect, the demolition was beyond challenging because we were working around finish areas. In order to protect these finishes, we used carpet backed plywood to shield debris from cabinets, walls, countertops, shower pans, and more. We are incredibly proud how our team overcame so many obstacles while maintaining the project budget, timeline, and quality of work.