Ellucian Office

Best Branded Environments

Photos by: Chad Baumer

Acousti Engineering Co of FL

Design by Walker Design, LLC.

Lake Mary, Florida


Ellucian is a vibrant, forward-thinking, and friendly company that’s focus is on higher education software development and services to power institutions globally. Under the Ellucian brand, there are over 2,500 institutions in higher education technology. With that being said, the design of this project represents Ellucian’s brand image precisely.

The intricacies of this design were to accurately represent Ellucian’s brand, and that it did. All aspects of the project melded well with one another to create an outstanding array of color and vibrancy throughout. Every room had its own look and feel but seamlessly were tied into the overall brand. The environment stands for nothing less than comfortability and functionality for each student and staff member to properly enjoy each space.

Keeping Ellucian’s brand image in mind, our team at Acousti Engineering did a stellar job with the installation of the interior finishes including, but not limited to, the ceilings, clouds, backdrops, wood paneled walls, ceramic floors, and more. As arduous as the job may have been, seeing the color patterns and detail paired with the floor transitions mirroring the ceiling pattern made this project that much more appreciated in the end. The design and execution of this project came together to represent Ellucian’s brand perfectly and can now add to their extensive catalog of institutions world-wide.


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