Erlanger Pediatric Procedure Suite

Best Flooring Solution

Photos by: Certified Photography

Certified Finishes, Inc.

Design by HOK

Chattanooga, TN


This project epitomizes a visionary use of flooring solutions, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics in this crucial healthcare setting. The flooring design and installation was instrumental in achieving a harmonious environment that caters to both the practical and visual needs of the facility. Shaw Contract’s resilient sheet material takes center stage in the operating and recover rooms, embodying our commitment to maintaining a pristine and resilient environment crucial for pediatric procedures and MRI sessions. The flooring not only ensures a sterile backdrop but also aligns seamlessly with the high-traffic demands of these critical spaces. In the common spaces, luxury vinyl tile accented Tarkett’s cove base with was chosen not only to ensure durability and ease of maintenance but also contribute to a welcoming atmosphere, creating a warm and inviting ambiance for patients, families, and staff. Carpet tile was introduced in the administrative spaces and reading areas to bring a touch of comfort and acoustic enhancement. This choice compliments the overall aesthetic while creating a cohesive and visually appealing environment conducive to collaboration and relaxation. During the project, we encountered subfloor and expansion joint challenges onsite. However, through collaboration with Shaw Contract, we identified Shaw Quickfill as the optimal solution. The Shaw technical team proved to be highly cooperative, offering ease of communication, and provided a written warranty for the product, ensuring the reliability of our chosen solution. The thoughtfully curated flooring products and solutions symbolizes a dedication to excellence in healthcare design, where flooring serves as a linchpin in creating a space that is both practical and comforting for young patients and their families.


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