Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Brooke Oberste

Anytime Flooring

Design by Coleman Partners Architects, LLC

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
April 2023


We are thrilled to unveil our flooring project at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, a testament to modern design and functionality. This project proudly features premium products from Mohawk Group and Tarkett, bringing a new level of sophistication and vibrancy to the university's spaces. Central to our design approach was the use of Mohawk's Lichen Microbloom and Macrobloom carpet tile. Known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, this carpet has transformed various areas of the university into warm and inviting spaces. The Lichen line, with its intricate patterns and resilient fabric, offers both comfort underfoot and a visually pleasing palette that complements the university's interior design. Incorporated alongside the Mohawk carpet is Tarkett's Cove Base. Tarkett, a leader in innovative flooring solutions, provided the perfect accent to our flooring design. Their Cove Base products are not only practical, shielding walls from scuffs and marks, but also add a sleek, clean finish to the rooms. A highlight of this project is the creation of beautiful, bright areas that energize and inspire. These spaces, now adorned with vibrant and durable flooring, resonate with the dynamic spirit of the university community. The choice of bright and uplifting colors reflects the institution's commitment to creating a positive and engaging learning environment.


Mohawk Group