Frazier Rehab 8th floor renovation

Most Maximized Budget

Photos by: Don Lehman Photography

Butler Flooring Services

Design by Tucker Healthcare Associates & Kentucky One Health

Louisville, KY


Frazier Rehab is a therapy facility that assist individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries with the 8th floor being dedicated to patients under 18 years old. The original design was to replace the existing floor with sheet vinyl but the project came in over budget. They required a colorful floor that was interesting to their pediatric patients and met their very limited finances. We suggested a five color pattern of Armstrong Standard Excelon Imperial Texture VCT and incorporated the fish, frog, turtle and alligator accents throughout the floor in a field of blue simulating water and curved accents of green for land. The colors selected worked perfectly with the existing VCT accents within the patient rooms. The final product saved them over $20,000 or 30% of their original sheet vinyl floor and brought the project in under budget. They are extremely happy with the end result and have had positive feedback from both staff and patients.