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Greatest Space Challenges

Photos by: Molly Bianca

Flooring Resources Corporation


Chicago, IL


This project began with an extremely difficult submittal process, we needed to source a wood product to match a running line engineered wood because the running line was too thick to install for our application. We ended up having to get a custom wood product produced to fit our needs. Then, finding a corresponding nosing to work because the architect wanted something clean and pretty and most nosings are not. After numerous submitted finish options, we then began the install and dealing with existing condition problems that created numerous challenges. We had to encapsulate existing stair finishes while maintaining the designer’s clean aesthetic vision without altering the stair structure. We also needed to field finish all the wood which the client could not permit in their space due to it being occupied. We had to take all the wood and transport it to our warehouse where it took over a good portion of our floor space for a few days while it was being stained and drying. Needless to say our operations were affected. We are all glad it’s finally done…and that it looks great!


Parterre Flooring Systems
Armstrong World Industries