Harbor Day School - Campus Expansion - Phase 1

Best Flooring Solution

Photos by: CIR

Commercial Interior Resources

Design by LPA

Corona Del Mar, CA
March 2022


This project had great color aesthetics and patterns installed to coordinate with school colors. We ran into some issues with stair nosing – trying to find the sturdiest option to work with Shaw’s Soundscape LVT product. We landed on a Genotek metal nosing with rubber inserts for grip and VI needs, which took some tedious work for install/floating to match the thickness of the metal nosing. We used epoxy and screws to hold them down and made sure the install was bullet proof, since this would be the main traffic staircase for students to get up to 2nd floor classrooms. There was also some fun detail work with Schluter L metal around carpet inset locations, which required some fine tune ramping prep work to ensure carpet and LVT finished perfectly flush. Overall, this was a fun and unique project!


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