Best Branded Environments

Photos by: Fred Richardson

Cutting Edge Contract Flooring Ltd

Design by CK Desighn Associates

Edmonton, AB


HESCO (Hotel Equipment & Supply Company) is a commercial kitchen supply company that designs and supplies everything for commercial and industrial kitchens from stoves, sinks, cutting tables, and deep fryers to plates, cutlery, and glassware. Cutting Edge was contacted to help them brand their showroom with products that are compatible with a commercial kitchen environment. The owners wanted to make a splash with branding while remaining true to commercial kitchen design. We presented the Protect-All with coved walls for their "show" kitchen, where they display some of the equipment they provide, and Ardex GPS was used to level the floor prior to installation. Gerflor Tarasafe non-slip flooring was used for their lunch room. Johnsonite/Tarkett wall base was used everywhere we didn't install the coved Protect-All. For the walls, they wanted a hygienic protection product that they could make a statement with. They submitted artwork which we sent to our partners at Gerflor. Having several certified wall protection installers and all of the proper equipment with our in-house crew, we supplied and installed some very colorful and fun custom Gerflor Deco print hygienic wall panels (The Draisaitl and McDavid wall spanned 4 panels!). Incredible High-Resolution printing brought these anti-bacterial wall protection panels to life! Heat-formed corners meant that there were no spots for bacteria to form and created an incredibly cleanable surface. This was such a fun project to be a part of.