High Prairie Health Centre Renal Dialysis

Best Flooring Solution, Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Mike Plested (Lead Installer)

Cutting Edge Contract Flooring Ltd

Design by JMAA Architecture

High Prairie Alberta


Best Flooring Solution

Altro is well known for their wall protection as well, and for this project it was the only material that made sense in order to maintain the hygienic properties of this project. Heat welding Whiterock is one of the most challenging and finicky jobs a flooring installer can perform. The seams were specified to be welded for hygienic reasons, as this is a medical facility. By heat forming the corners, it eliminates areas where pathogens of bacteria can gather, greatly adding to the hygiene of the space.

Toughest Site Conditions

Starting in the Summer and finishing up in December in 12 trips, this project was a huge challenge for us because of the phasing and the fact that it was over 300 km away in Northern Alberta. 60 bags of Ardex V-1200 self Leveler and 20 bags of Feather Finish were used to get the floor to within specs. Over 120 sheets of Altro Whiterock were installed on the walls in 2 colors, and all seams were heat welded for hygienic purposes in this clinic. The flooring was all coved and all of the Whiterock inside and outside corners were heat formed, so no seams were present in the corners. All the woodgrain material on the walls was Whiterock Colours Rich Woodgrain Johnsonite/Tarkett Base was used in the service rooms that did not receive Whiterock on the walls.