Highland Park ISD, John S. Bradfield Elementary School

Best Flooring Solution

Photos by: Kody Kirkpatrick

One Source Commercial Flooring

Design by Stantec

4300 Southern Avenue, Dallas Texas 75205
August 22, 2019


4300 Southern Avenue, Dallas Texas 75610 Designer: Stantec, 12222 Merit Avenue, Suite 400, Dallas Texas 75251 Completed August 20, 2019 Our work elements: Carpet, Resilient Flooring (LVT and Rubber Flooring), Wall Base and Moisture Remediation. Total Area Floor: 75,734 SF / Wall Base 12,720 LF / Remediation 19,450 SF Fuse Suppliers: 1. Armstrong (Natural Creations LVT) 2. Johnsonite (Microtones Rubber Flooring) 3. Flexco (Wall Base) and 4. Schonox SL Other products: Shaw Carpet, Forbo Flotex and Uzin Remediation and Cap Category: Best Flooring Solution This project was a new replacement 3-story Elementary School in Highland Park Texas. This location is a very tight job site with limited parking and virtually no lay-down area making material delivery a challenge. The project, like many in the Summer of 2019, was significantly delayed. These delays were a result of weather earlier in the year and the accumulating and cascading effect of continued lost days. Making this situation even more difficult was a delay in obtaining permanent power to the project site. This effected the start of the HVAC system in the building. As a result, the project had elevated moisture in the slab. This, (high moisture), occurs on many projects and it presents a challenge for One Source. That is, how do we make sure the installation is done correctly, protecting our customer, the supplier partners and our company – while keeping the schedule on track and minimizing additional cost? We selected Best Value for this job as it is an example of offering the best recommendation for a proper install and a cost-effective way to finish the job in time for the new school year. Here, we offered a combination of improved adhesive systems for the Carpet, LVT and Forbo Flotex, while providing remediation in the areas that received rubber tile. These areas were largely on the ground floor in high potential shear-force locations (Cafeteria with collapsible tables). The best value in this case for the project to complete in time, was a combination of possible solutions to overcome high moisture, rather than an all or nothing approach (remediate only). This situation is hard. We must make sure we do it right, but we have learned it is critical to be solution based for the first customer (usually the General Contractor) who must deliver the building on time. The Best Value in this example is the most cost-effective solution to properly install the job within the shortened scope, while minimizing added (and often unplanned) costs.