HUGO Enterprises

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Kessler Photography

Floors Inc.

Design by Holland Basham Architects

Omaha, NE


Hugo Enterprises renovated 14,000 square feet of space in the Financial Plaza Building in Omaha, NE. Floors Inc. was given only 4 weeks to install a total of 900 square yards of 9 different carpets, 900 square feet of LVT , 4,600 square feet of wood flooring in a herringbone pattern, 40 square feet of ceramic floor tile and 125 square feet of Daltile (Stone Á La Mod - Contempo White Wedge) mosaic wall tile. If that wasn’t enough, our 4-week window was made even more difficult due to the existing sub-floor conditions. The floor was very uneven, sloping an average of 2” down between column lines. It was in these conditions we had to remove the existing adhesives, self-levelers and thinset. Leveling the floor became paramount to successfully installing the herringbone wood flooring, which flowed through the entire space distinguishing different areas, as well as the DIRTT Walls that would be installed after us. In order to keep our deadline and manage the rising cost, we worked closely with the architect, DIRTT Wall contractor, general contractor and HUGO representative to devise a plan that would allow us to strategically level the most critical areas. We then coordinated our efforts so that we were able to level and install simultaneously. We used a laser level to measure the elevation changes of each square created by the column lines. We brought in concrete grinders and scarifiers to remove 1-1.5” of concrete around the most critical columns, and 1” in a 3-foot-wide path along the exterior walls. Then, depending on the amount of leveling needed, we either pumped in Ardex V2100 or leveled by hand using Schönox products. This was all orchestrated as to allow all trades to keep working without any kind of delays. And as a result, the project was able to move forward on schedule.