Kam Man Foods - Floor Replacement

Best Flooring Solution, Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

Photos by: Sean Cusack

Simeone Floors

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Quincy, MA


Best Flooring Solution

This 13,500 SF project included installation of new LVT plank flooring over an existing ceramic tile sales floor. The existing ceramic tile was in bad shape in some areas, but down solid in others. They also had a moisture issues by one of their frozen cases in the Seafood Department. In an effort to limit the amount of demo that needed to take place of the existing ceramic tile floor, we brought in our Schonox rep John Mackinnon to walk the site and see what solution he recommended. We were able to leave a majority of the existing flooring in place by pouring a layer of Schonox Self-leveling over top. This reduced our demo cost drastically by limiting the removal to a few select spots. While putting together the solution for the floor prep and underlayment portion of the project, we brought in our Parterre rep Chris Dormody to help the store owner pick a flooring product that would work on his sales floor. They decided on a Parterre LVT Plank which was in stock at their local warehouse, and we were able to pick up the material the next day. We also discussed an adhesive to use in the area that was having moisture problems with our Taylor rep Greg Fonzi. He recommended the use of Taylor Resolute wet-set adhesive in the area that had the issue, and we used the Taylor Dynamic adhesive throughout the rest of the store. To date, the management has not had a single moisture issue in the area of concern. Overall, this project was a great example of utilizing the Fuse member/supplier relationships to solve a tough flooring issue.

Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

This 13,500 SF project included installation of new LVT plank flooring over an existing ceramic tile sales floor. The sales floor was to remain active each day, with the work taking place at night. Due to the condition of the sales floor, which required removal of the existing ceramic tile in some areas and self-leveling to be applied throughout, this project schedule included extremely aggressive night work phases in order to keep sales floor open by the morning. We had three separate crews working in tandem with store employees to get the sales floor cleared, existing floor ripped, prepped, self-leveled and new flooring installed with enough time to let the store get their merchandise back on the floor prior to opening. We were able to finish this project ahead of our initial schedule, and store owner and management were thrilled to have a new floor without interrupting their customers’ business.