Turf Club & Stakes Tavern Renovation at Kentucky Derby Racetrack

Best Branded Environments

Photos by: Don Lehman Photography

Butler Flooring Services

Design by Populous

Louisville, KY


The designers at Populous collaborated with Tandus to create three custom carpets that were unique to the design of each area. In the Turf Club the spiral pattern of the carpet appeared 3 dimensional and mirrored the metal artwork on the wall and ceiling. This design represented the garland of roses presented to the winner. The 24" repeat was particularly difficult to install on curved ramps and stairs while insuring the pattern matched when it came together at open areas and hallways. Another 3 dimensional pattern was proposed for the Stakes Tavern. This chevron carpet pattern complimented the black and white ceramic plank to create a high energy design for a room known for its high stake wagering. The challenge with this installation was to keep the pattern from looking skewed in long dining rooms where walls typically weren't always straight. The somewhat more subtle pattern selected for the Directors Speak Easy reflected the more sophisticated clientele in this private suite and closely resembled the design in the ceramic tile around the bar. There is no doubt when you walk into these newly renovated areas that you are in a world class facility where the fastest 2 minutes in sports takes place...the Kentucky Derby.