Little Sparrow & Bar Blanc

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Certified Photography

Certified Finishes

Design by Smith Hanes Studio

Atlanta, GA


The vision of a welcoming neighborhood spot with a "classic brasserie aesthetic" brought to life by Owner Ford Fry found its perfect expression in the design prowess of Atlanta-based firm Smith Hanes Studio. Tasked with creating an ambiance that blended casual comfort with "timeless" and "luxurious" elements, the team at Smith Hanes Studio delivered an exceptional design for Little Sparrow, transcending the ordinary and setting a new standard for culinary spaces. Dal-Tile emerged as the unsung hero, taking center stage in the creation of Little Sparrow's distinct atmosphere. The 1" Hex MS design became the linchpin, transforming the floor into a canvas of intricate patterns that not only complemented the brasserie aesthetic but elevated it to a level of sophistication that resonated with the luxury Ford Fry envisioned. Behind the bar, Dal-Tile Quarry Textures and a statement column became a focal point adorned with subway tiles, a classic touch that tied seamlessly with the brasserie aesthetic. The black and white checkered tile, strategically placed, further defined the space, creating a captivating visual rhythm that fulfilled the owner's vision.