Lofts on Rowe

Most Maximized Budget

Photos by: Pioneer Construction

River City Flooring

Design by Lott3Metz

Ludington, MI


Built-in 1892, this brick building has been used for over 100 years for manufacturing. Michigan, like many other states, is in desperate need of affordable housing. Due to this project needing credits for low-income funding, the pricing needed to be aggressive to meet their stipulations for credits, including Davis Bacon wages. Originally designed with a higher-end product for flooring, River City Flooring and J+J flooring got together and offered an LVT line that saved the project more than $60,000 alone, tremendously helping the approval of the project. Over 30,000sf of J+J LVT was expertly installed over 100s of Uzin's NC888 patch. Both Tarkett and Roppe base was utilized as well as Tarkett's stair treads throughout the facility. There are now 5 studio apartments, 50 one-bedroom apartments, 10 two-bedroom apartments, and two 3 bedroom apartments that had immediate applicants. Low income does not mean a low-end design.