McKinley Elementary School

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Brooke Oberste

Anytime Flooring

Design by RHH Architects/ DLR GROUP

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
August 2023


At Anytime Flooring, we recently had the privilege of contributing to the vibrant new construction of McKinley Elementary School. This project provided us with a unique opportunity to infuse a creative and lively atmosphere into an educational space, showcasing our expertise in flooring solutions and our passion for creating environments that foster learning and joy. Our work at McKinley Elementary School covered two primary areas: carpeting and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). We approached the carpeting with an eye for both playfulness and durability, installing designs that brought the school to life. The carpets were chosen not just for their bright colors and engaging patterns, but also for their ability to withstand the constant activity of young learners. Each piece was carefully selected to align with the designer's vision of creating a welcoming and stimulating environment for the students. Complementing the carpeting, our LVT installation added both durability and style to the school's flooring. The vibrant colors and designs chosen for the LVT echoed the dynamic spirit of the educational environment. These areas were designed to be both functional and easy to maintain, contributing to the school's overall cheerful ambiance. The uniqueness of this project lies in its creative use of color and design. We understand that an elementary school's environment is pivotal in shaping children's learning and development. Therefore, every material and design was chosen to stimulate imagination, foster positivity, and create a sense of belonging and excitement among the students.


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