Mesquite Independent School District Administration Building, Additions and Renovations

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Reed J. Kenney

One Source Commercial Flooring

Design by WRA Architects, INC

3819 Towne Crossing Blvd. Mesquite Texas 75150
December 10, 2019


3819 Towne Crossing Blvd, Mesquite Texas 75150 Designer: WRA Architects, INC, 12377 Merit Drive, Suite 1800, Dallas Texas 75251 Completed December 6, 2019 Our work elements: Ceramic Tile, Stone, Carpet, Resilient Flooring and Wall Base. Total Area Floor: 46,483 SF / Total Wall Area: 9,841 SF / Wall Base 5,916 LF / 365 LF Stairs & Treads Fuse Suppliers: 1. Johnsonite/Tandus 2. Roppe 3. Schonox Other products: Milliken Carpet, Patcraft LVT, Interceramic (Tile Stone), Schulter Metal, Floor Protection This was the addition to and renovation of an existing K-12 Administrative Building in Mesquite, TX. This job, like many in 2019, started late because of many issues early in the project. These delays caused a 40 percent reduction in our original durations. Since the delays were experienced all the way through the schedule, the site conditions were very difficult. Site Conditions: We had significant elevation differences between new and old slabs where the addition joined the existing building which required extensive grinding and floor prep/fill. Much of the demolished areas required extensive floor repair and prep. Many trades were competing for position at the same time in tight spaces, often getting on finished work immediately after installation or as we were installing. This would normally be difficult, but we had a challenging and technical installation for a great customer and owner. Timeline: The site conditions were driven by the schedule. Our original aggressive durations were 10 days for ceramic and stone (combined wall and floor area 14,524 SF) and 20 days for Carpet/LVT/Base and Stairs (floor area 41,800). A small amount of work occurred in October but the actual durations for the bulk of the work were from Nov 17 to Dec 2, approximately 16 days! With the October days added, we completed this job in 19 days.