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Golden State Carpet Service, Inc.

Design by N/A - specified by us

240 Stockton Street, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA


We were notified by the building management (Bently Holdings) that their new tenant was going to need assistance selecting new floor finishes and they needed material to be selected, approved and delivered within 3 weeks to meet their schedule. The original material selected by the end user was over budget and there was a good amount of floor prep that needed to be addressed. The best way to overcome this hurdle was to find a standard carpet tile with attached cushion to help hide floor defects, was within their tight budget, met the design criteria of the client AND was available to be shipped to us within the 3 week lead time we were allotted. We all know finding cushion tile to meet these specifications is no easy task. The solution...Arcade Legend and Multiplay from Bentley Mills, a Fuse Supplier. We were able to find quick-ship products on cushion that met all criteria. Because they are a California based mill we were able to get the material here and installed just in time to meet the client's move-in schedule.


Bentley Mills