Monroe Community College -- new college campus

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Josh Reinhard

GP Flooring Solutions

Design by Labella Associates

Rochester, NY
June 2017


As Kodak fell from its heyday, it left behind an enormous manufacturing facility that had been vacant for well over a decade before it was to be re-invented as a new campus for Monroe Community College. We won the flooring contract for the entire 250,000 square foot campus. When we walked into the space after the mechanical asbestos abatement had been completed, we said, "It looks like a war took place in here." Based on the condition of the existing slabs, you could almost imagine tanks roaming the building. The GC described the subfloor as looking like the surface of the moon -- with craters everywhere. We'll leave the analogies at that -- you get the idea of how bad the conditions were. There was a significant scope dispute, with the construction manager on one side and with the general contractor and us on the other, due to the damage caused by the mechanical abatement. In order to document the issues, we completed an exhaustive survey of each floor, and we prescribed the necessary prep and system needed for the substrate to be ready for the specified flooring. We successfully worked through this difficult situation -- both in the field and in the conference room -- and came out with strong relationships all around, and we were made whole financially as well. The project consisted of an ungodly amount of Ardex; 11,000 square yards of Tandus carpet (carpet tile and broadloom); 140,000 square feet of Forbo Marmoleum Composition Tile; 45,000 linear feet of Johnsonite base; 5,000 linear feet of Johnsonite stair treads; 8,000 square feet of Johnsonite rubber tile; 6,000 square feet of sports flooring; and 200 square yards of heat-welded sheet vinyl. “GP Flooring provides the resources and expertise to overcome project hurdles and provide a quality product while meeting very challenging project schedules. We look forward to future opportunities.” ~Brian P. Kelly, Project Executive, Manning Squires Hennig Co., Inc. (Project Executive for the MCC Downtown Campus project) *Note: There was only sparse temporary lighting available on site when we took the site condition photos.