Mount Paran Church Interior

Best Flooring Solution, Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule, Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Brooke Martin Photography

Certified Finishes

Design by CDH Partners

Atlanta, GA


Best Flooring Solution

The Mount Paran Church Interior Remodel posed a unique challenge in achieving a flawless flooring solution. The original specification called for broadloom installation to be monolithic down each aisle to eliminate seams. However, this approach presented a potential aesthetic issue when all the aisles converged at the altar. Our team recognized the need for a strategic solution to ensure a visually stunning outcome. To address this challenge and enhance the overall aesthetic, our team proposed a strategic change in the direction of the broadloom installation. By altering the installation direction, we aimed to create a more seamless and visually appealing transition where the aisles met at the altar. This solution not only addressed the initial challenge but also demonstrated our commitment to delivering excellence in design and aesthetics and our ability to identify and implement strategic changes that elevate the overall quality and visual impact of the Mount Paran Church Interior remodel project.

Most Aggressive Timeline / Schedule

Our team embarked on the Mount Paran Church Interior renovation with an unprecedented challenge—a remarkably aggressive timeline that demanded ingenuity, precision, and seamless collaboration. The project's unique constraints included working exclusively Monday through Friday within the church premises, and each week required the completion of an entire 8,000 square-foot section from demo to installation. Our team implemented a highly efficient scheduling system to maximize productivity within the limited workdays, ensuring each phase of the project adhered to the stringent timeline. Close coordination with the demolition crew and other trades was maintained following their progress to enable the timely commencement and completion of each weekly section. The Mount Paran Church Interior renovation stands as a testament to our ability to meet and exceed expectations in the most demanding timelines. Our unwavering dedication to achieving weekly section completions, despite the constraints, exemplifies our team's capability to deliver outstanding results under high-pressure scenarios.

Toughest Site Conditions

The renovation of the Mount Paran Church Interior posed a distinctive set of challenges that demanded outstanding coordination, adaptability, and precision to align with the church's operational requirements. Covering an extensive 60,000 square feet, the remodel unfolded within the framework of the church's regular Sunday service schedule, with construction limited to Monday through Friday. This schedule restriction necessitated the initiation of cleaning and space preparation on Saturdays. Additionally, stringent guidelines prohibited leaving any items on-site, making daily material deliveries imperative. Each morning, our installers diligently unloaded all required materials before commencing with the installation process. Adhering to a strict timeline, our team closely followed the demolition crew, ensuring the timely completion of 8,000 square-foot sections every week. Collaboration with Hodges & Hicks General Contractors and other subcontractors was paramount, requiring synchronized efforts and schedules to seamlessly finish specific sections of the space each week. Our team implemented innovative strategies, including meticulous weekly scheduling, just-in-time material deliveries, and effective collaboration with other trades. These solutions not only facilitated the timely completion of each section but also maintained the expected quality and precision inherent in a project of this magnitude. This renovation showcases our team’s ability to navigate the complexities of a live site, achieving a successful transformation while accommodating the ongoing operations of the church. This project underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence, adaptability, and effective project management in the face of challenging site conditions.


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