NCH Naples - Downtown Baker Hospital ED

Best Flooring Solution

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Quality Carpet + Flooring

Design by Studio +

Naples, FL


We are excited to submit the NCH Baker Emergency Room for consideration in coming up with the Best Flooring Solution. With a demonstrated history of overcoming challenging environments, Quality Carpet + Flooring showcases a commitment to resilience, innovation, and unparalleled dedication to excellence within the flooring industry. This was achieved with our Fuse manufacturers Tarkett and Schonox. Project Overview: The Emergency Room project presented unique challenges related to moisture in the concrete slab. The prior install failed, and the resilient flooring was not adhered to the substrate - creating a hazard for patients, doctors, and staff. Quality Carpet + Flooring was tasked with providing a flooring solution that not only met the rigorous demands of an emergency healthcare environment but also effectively addressed moisture concerns - Quickly. Moisture Control: The Schonox moisture mitigation techniques effectively controlled and prevented moisture-related issues, ensuring the integrity of the flooring system. Operational Continuity: The rapid installation process minimized downtime, allowing the Emergency Room to resume operations promptly while maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Client Satisfaction: The healthcare facility expressed satisfaction with the outcome, emphasizing Quality Carpet + Flooring's ability to deliver a flooring solution that not only addressed the immediate moisture challenges but also exceeded healthcare industry standards.