Northwestern Memorial Hospital - Lake Forest Campus

Greatest Space Challenges

Photos by: Molly Carlson, Flooring Resources

Flooring Resources Corporation

Design by Gensler

Lake Forest, IL


We feel almost like we have become family with our Northwestern Hospital Projects. We have spent the last several years working on many different campuses with this hospital group. This was one of the largest projects we have ever completed and the phase this year was full of challenges. Even though this is new construction - we overcame several space challenges. This project endured a major flood during installation in the spring putting us behind schedule. In addition we worked around an active existing hospital so careful planning and weekly coordination between us, the general contractor and hospital was key to not impacting patients and medical staff. We also had to devise a special inventory management system for labeling all the rolled sheet goods we delivered and picked up from site as we installed. Keeping each cut and roll in order was quite the challenge over thousands of yards of material. We are very excited to be part of this project and proud of the work we have done here. In 2018 we continue to work on more phases of construction and other campuses for this hospital.


Bentley * At the time was a supplier, not sure if their leaving Fuse will impact this.