Oak Street Station

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Oak Street Station


Design by Humphries Poli Architects

Denver Colorado
April 2019


The Floorz team was dedicated to their CORE VALUE - do it right. With much pressure from the contractor to install this project prior to the HVAC system being in place and temperatures under 20 degrees. Our team was once again challenged at the idea of floor protection. With delays - we were forced to install flooring much too early in the project. We communicated the necessity of floor protection. However, it was not accepted. We kept all communication documented. And, prior to the projects completion - we were re-installing over 60,000 SF of flooring. The end project is one that we are proud of. It was a project with many challenges - however, the Floorz team maintained integrity throughout and the end product is well installed and happy customers. This is a 4 building complex in Lakewood with over 300 units.