Best Flooring Solution

Photos by: Fotoworks, Benny Chan

SCS Flooring Systems

Design by Rote Studio

Westlake Village, CA


In completing this high profile and prestigious flooring project our team's initial challenge was arranging and coordinating the logistics and installation of the 19 different flooring surfaces specified for the project . This included the development of multiple transition solutions to create the proper flow between areas and flooring types ranging from epoxy flooring, custom area rugs and broadloom carpet custom stone materials through various quarry tile paver areas. Once those tasks were achieved, assembling, mobilizing and coordinating the proper installation personnel, specified installation parameters (moisture requirements, specific floor preparation needs, adhesive and fastening needs, etc.) were developed and implemented. As a result, we were able to meet the project's scheduling and quality requirements achieving a successful result to be proud of and one that shows what proper planning and the right team can attain.