Phipps-McKinnon Building Lobby Renovation & Expansion

Toughest Site Conditions

Photos by: Fred richardson

Cutting Edge Contract Flooring Ltd

Design by OCI Architects

Edmonton, AB


This was a phased installation with removal of existing marble slab and installation of two colors of new large slab 1/2" thick Dekton tile. The new slabs were 38" x 57", so they required a perfectly flat floor. When the marble was removed, the floor was found to have large areas where there was more than an inch in 10 feet of level variance. we called in our Ardex team and we worked with them to achieve a 25 year anti fracture warranty on the project using 350 bags of Ardex V-1000 self leveller, Ardex Flexbone anti fracture membrane and Ardex X-78 thinset, with Ardex grout for the tile joints. This was one of the worst substrates we have encountered and it had to be made perfectly flat to accommodate the very large format slabs we installed. Ardex has made this project a case study and we are very proud of the finished result. The large slabs are perfectly flat with no discernible lippage anywhere in the 5,00 square foot lobby. Site cutting the slabs to achieve the intricate pattern was also a challenge due to their large size.


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