Phoenix Children's Hospital - Arrowhead

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Brett Beardsley, Continental Flooring Company

Continental Flooring Company

Design by HKS, INc.

Glendale Arizona


Using Tarkett IQ Optima Homogenious Sheet Vinyl, The Phoenix Children's Hospital required colorful, interactive designs to help patients locate specific rooms and feel more comfortable in the healthcare environment. Flat lay and flash cove techniques were utilized throughout the hospital enhancing a sanitary benefit. A total of ten different colors were introduced with the consistent background of Canadian Maple Wood as well as a Tarkett Luxury Vinyl Tile Color Play / Color Pop Apricot, Cardinal, Paprika, Dandelion, Lime, Bermuda, Plum and Pink. Each color provided specific guidance to procedure rooms, assisting patients to locate the correct location of their treatment. The colors were cut into the primary, base color of the floor in various shapes, sizes and patterns. This provided the aesthetics of a fun environment conducive to the Phoenix Children's Hospital audience. Johnsonite cove base, t-moldings, thin line transitions and transitions were used throughout the installation, complimenting each room with complimentary or contrasting colors and finishing affects. All products were set, according to manufacturer specifications, utilizing Mapei adhesives.