Project H

Most Creative Flooring Design

Photos by: Certified Photography

Certified Finishes

Design by Walt Disney Imagineering

Orlando, FL


Making guests feel like they’re in space is hard and making them feel like they are in a Star Wars galaxy is even harder. To achieve it, Walt Disney Imagineers looked to recreate everything that you would expect on the Halcyon Starcruiser combining cutting-edge technology and innovations with high-end details and customized finishes throughout including the comprehensive flooring layout. Many spaces required multiple specialty flooring products and accessories installed in intricate layouts to maintain the overall experience. To achieve some of these designs our team utilized water jet technology but some of the extremely complex details had to be hand-cut by our Certified installation team. Over 12,000 square feet of Dal-Tile porcelain products were installed to continue the theme in many amenity spaces and guest rooms featuring unique triangular tile designs and sleek futuristic transitions and finishes. Altro sheet vinyl products were used to continue the theming of the space onto the floor in a creative design. A couple of these designs were water jet cut but due to challenges on the jobsite, our team had to hand-cut the flooring layouts for the elevators and lobby area that included curves and circles heat welded together to create a metal transition look between them. Participating in this experience wouldn’t be complete without light saber training and our Certified team helped develop a solution for the training room where flooring had to be accessible so magnetic tiles were adhered to the back of Tarkett rubber flooring tiles to ensure the room had a clean and finished look for training sessions, while also being reachable. This exceptional experience brought to life by the Disney Imagineers accounted for every detail from technology to every single finish that went into the design, including the flooring elements. Certified Finishes is proud to have played an integral part in bringing this experience to life.