Royal Alberta Museum - Children's Gallery

Greatest Space Challenges

Photos by: Fred Richardson

Cutting Edge Contract Flooring Ltd

Design by Kubik

Edmonton, AB
October 2018


There were many curved shapes, poles and obstacles that had to be cut around and the only way to do that without damaging the linoleum was to pattern scribe entire areas (a dying art). The scribed fit was 100% perfect at all locations (thanks to our team of Red Seal Journeyman Certified flooring installers). Curves had to be in exact locations to align with the fixtures and had to be perfectly smooth with no deviations and the heat welding had to be perfect because of the different colors adjoining. Many exterior walls were curved with support poles only inches away from the walls, and hand knifing was not an option at those locations. This is our new provincial museum and will be an Edmonton landmark for many decades to come.