RXBAR Headquarters

Best Branded Environments

Photos by: Molly Bianca (except photo of Kitchen by RXBAR)

Flooring Resources Corporation

Design by Harken Interiors

Chicago, IL


RXBAR is a nutrition bar company that prides itself on transparency and simplicity in all natural ingredients. The offices are bright and open. They utilize a different color for each floor, with bright signage and color coded stairwells.
Flooring Resources installed all 9 floors plus the basement.

Harken Interiors, which chose the decor based on the company’s recognizable graphic identity. With accent walls and carpets, and graphics in the stairwell, the decor reflects RXBAR’s color palette seen on the bright packaging of its bars. The modern interior has no enclosed offices and conference rooms are named after significant people or milestones in the company’s history. Employees have sit-stand desks, and access to kombucha and cold brew on tap. The office also has its own fitness center and a rooftop lounge that features panoramic views of River North.