San Jacinto Community College North Library

Best Flooring Solution

Photos by: Tony Lind

Texan Floor Service

Design by Gensler

Houston TX


Flooring design plays an important role in creating stimulating learning environments, which is why it is so important to find a resilient carpet that can withstand the demanding school environment that retains its appearance for many years. Places where foot traffic is high, such as school receptions, corridors, and libraries require extremely robust flooring. As part of the design for this project, Mohawk Carpet Tiles, with Duracolor, were selected for their durability and proven ability to resist deuteriation from extended use over long periods of time. This high-performance carpet was used in two other San Jacinto Community College Libraries with great success. As most education facilities with high amounts of foot traffic maintenance and up keep are a major concern. The Mohawk Carpet Tiles are easy to maintain with inherent stain resistance and water-only stain removal. With contrasting colors and shades and eye-catching patterns, Amused and Enthralled carpet tiles bring a striking look to the larger spaces while, reducing the amount of visual eye fatigue caused from natural light coming in threw the large windows. During the day, this can affect the students and educators and the quality of learning that takes place. These tiles provide both visual and physical warmth in texture inviting students to curl up and read a book. Creating a comforting environment like this allows for extended learning time and great noise reduction. The carpet tiles help students navigate around the library and provide structure to open plan environments that create functional and engaging spaces. Mohawk Carpet tiles offer a piece of mind that the durability as well as strong aesthetics, offer a worry-free environment that makes for perfect school carpets for looks and tight budgets. Designs like this can elevate the learning environment, creating the optimal setting for students to achieve.


Mohawk Group (Lees Carpet Tiles)
Roppe Corporation
Armstrong World Industries